Can we spy on a Whatsapp account remotely?
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What is Whatsapp and what kind of data is exchanged on it?

As you probably already know, Whatsapp is currently one of the favorite applications of smartphones owners. This is one of the many instant messaging applications available on Android and iOS phones which makes it easier to communicate with your contacts.

Whatsapp works the same way as messaging or calling from a mobile phone since it allows you to make calls and send text messages and even exchange photos and videos and has also recently evolved and resembles more a social network now. It is indeed now possible to meet people through Whatsapp and this application is thus increasingly used as a way to make friends or to make romantic encounters discreately. Therefore, it can be very interesting to access the data of this application to spy on a person.

Just as teenagers, children use this instant messaging application to chat with their friends without their parents being able to take a look to what they are saying or who they are contacting. In fact, contrary to what a simple mobile phone proposes, Whatsapp doesn't give you the possibility to get a detailed bill with the summary of calls and messages and or a list of the recipients since the messages and calls are done through the phone's Wifi or 4G internet. This is the reason why some parents want to spy on the Whatsapp account of their offspring.

In this article, we will explain you how you can spy on it and how to proceed.


The most effective way to remotely spy on a Whatsapp account :

Spying on a Whatsapp account is already not an easy task even if you have access to the person's phone, because of the confidentiality settings set up by the creators of this program. But when it comes to spying  on a Whatsapp account from a distance it can seem impossible. However, it is totally possible to spy on a Whatsapp account or on any other type of account used on a phone thanks to monitoring applications .

These applications are in fact programs that you can install on the phone of the person that you want to spy on and they will give you access to all the data recorded on the device, from a distance. That concerns of course the conversations that have taken place through Whatsapp. Another major benefit of this kind of monitoring application is that it will be completely invisible to the phone's owner since once it is installed, no icon will appear on the phone's menu. These applications are compatible with any Android or iOS phone from the moment they are connected to the internet.

By connecting yourself to the application's control panel from any other device, you will then have acces to all the history of conversations and to the calls done through Whatsapp without any restriction and wherever you are.


How to install and use a spying application to spy on a Whatsapp account?

More specifically, we will see here how you can install an application to remotely spy on a Whatsapp account on the phone of the person you want to monitor. Of course, first of all, you need to know that you are going to need to manipulate your target's phone to install the software. You should therefore have it with you during the process and of course be able to unlock the phone's screen.

Once the phone in your hands, start by going on a site offering monitoring software on your own phone and make sure of choosing a serious and safe software like the one we have  recommended you on our site. You will then choose a  subscription formula by paying for one or several months depending on your needs. As soon as you account is created and the payment is registered, you will get a link or an internet address to use on the target phone.

Then take your target's phone and open its internet browser. Enter the address of the link that was previously sent to you and go to the webpage to download the application. (At the end of the installation, remember to delete this page from the browser's navigation history) Click on the download link and then follow the steps indicated to you in order to set up the operation of the software.

As soon as the installation is complete, the monitoring software will start working and start retrieving the Whatsapp data from your target's account as well as many other additional data that we will discuss below.

To access this data, all you need to do is connect to your private account from any other device connected to the Internet. You will find a control panel that will retrive all the phone's activities and the data exchanged through the different applications installed on it. By choosing the Whatsapp menu, you will get the list of calls made and the conversations by message with their detailed content, date and time or the photos and videos exchanged. You can even have some control over the phone concerned by remotely blocking its access to certain applications. You can then decide to block your children's or employee's access to Whatsapp.


Who are those kinds of softwares to spy on Whatsapp for?

Before you start using a monitoring software to spy on a Whatsapp account, you probably want to know who this type of program is for. In fact and as we will see below in the praragraph devoted to the legal use of this type of software, you do not have the right to use this type of application to do whatever you want.

However, these social media and instant messaging monitoring programs are particularly appreciated by certain categories of people. It can be parents who want to take a look on their children's phone. We know that it is not uncommon for children or teenagers to meet bad people through this type of application since Whatsapp does not just make it possible to make calls or to send and receive messages but it allows you now to meet people as well. It is therefore not strange that malicious people or sexual predators use this type of program and pretend to be a child or a teenager to meet them. It is therefore normal for parents to feel worried about the fact that their children use this application. Thanks to the monitoring software installed on your child's phone, it will be possible to monitor all this from a distance and thus limit the risks by intervening at the right time. In addition, the monitoring softwares we are talking about here also allows you to manually block the access to certain applications in the same way as with a parental control remotely.

Of course, some people also want to use this kind of softwares to spy on an unfaithful partner or on another adult person. Even if this is possible, in case you have accesss to the target's phone to install this software, this practice is illegal as we will explain to you below.


What does the law says about those monitoring softwares to spy on Whatsapp accounts:

We have just explained to you that, even if once purchased, those programs can allow you to spy on the Whatsapp account of anyone you want, you do not have the legal right to use it for bad purposes or without the previous agreement of the person you want to spy on.

In fact, the main objective of these softwares is to allow parents to spy on their children's activities, and for employeers to spy on their employees and for whoever wishes to give access to their phones to a third person, but all this within certain conditions.

Concerning the monitoring of a Whatsapp account by a parent, it is necesary that the child who is being spy on is a minor and under the legal responsibility of the adult who is buying and using the software and the child must be informed about it. The phone on which the program is installed and the telephone line associated to it must belong to the parent in question. It is therefore illegal to spy on your children this way if they are over 18 years old.

This kind of software can also be used by employeers and installed on professional phones given by companies to their employees. However, the employees being spy on must be clearly informed about the presence of this type of application in their device.

if you do not comply to these conditions and use such software to spy on someone around you, the law is likely to punish you if the victim realizes that you are spying on him and can file a complaint against you for invasion of his privacy. This is the reason why we strongly advice you to think carefully before doing something like that. Notice also that the application supplier will in no case be held responsible for the use that you give to the application and is only required to inform you about these rules.


Other features of those monitoring softwares:

As you might have already understood, the monitoring softwares that we are talking about on this site allows you to remotely track all the data and conversations of a Whatsapp account. But this is not the only feature of this type of program which goes much further than that and allows you to spy on all the data on the phone.

Some of the things that you can do from the control panel, are for example, consulting pictures and videos stored in the device, you can also consult the agenda and the events saved on it, the detailed list of calls and sometimes even voice recordings of the latter, consulting the mesages received and sent, and of course the GPS tracking of the device with the intineraries that it has followed.

Concerning the monitoring of  instant messagers such as Whatsapp or social networks, it is also possible to monitor all the most popular applications such as Facebook, Instagram and even Snapchat. Nothing will scape from you .

Some of the most modern and sophisticated softwares on the market offer very innovative features such as the possibility of activating the target phone's microphone from a distance in order to hear what is going on around the phone. Another very interesting function especially for parents or employers is the possibility of defining a safety zone or a danger zone and to be notified by message whenever the phone's user enters or exits those zones.

Of course, all this is managed from the online control panel and it is also possible to remotely uninstall the application at any time.

Of course, these features depend on the type of program you decide to install and some may be optional or require an additional payment. It should also be noticed, that most monitoring softwares on the market offer very practical and popular features to monitor all the activities of a person on his mobile phone.