Tracking the position of a mobile telephone using remote geo-localisation
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Is it possible to localise a mobile telephone at a distance?

This is the question that is being asked by increasingly numbers of people. Since the mobile telephone has become the best friend of just about everyone and everyone has theirs with them almost permanently, you may wonder if it is possible to use this technology to follow the movements of a particular person. 

Technologically speaking, this ability has existed for a number of years as the police and military use it already in certain situations. And we all know of certain applications that function with geo-localisation using our mobile telephones such as GPS guidance systems. Geo-localisation is in fact an integral part of the functions of all modern telecommunications devices, and in particular the popular smartphones.

This of course gave rise to certain ideas for software developers for mobile telephones that set themselves to creating solutions that would enable the remote localisation and tracking of a telephone using a GPS guidance system. These applications can simply track or follow a telephone using geo-localisation but the more advanced spy software, as we shall look at in detail below, offer a huge range of supplementary features to enable you to monitor the activities of a person or child in a discreet and simple way.  

As we will fully explain later in this article it is relatively simple to install a spyware application on the telephone of the targeted person and it will only take a few minutes. This software is available for all brands of mobile telephone that function with iOS or Android and can be obtained through a simple download with a payable monthly or annual subscription.

As soon as the application has been installed on the targeted telephone it starts to register the GPS position of that device and follows all its movements. From your side you can therefore consult this localisation information from any device that is connected to the internet. A truly revolutionary application therefore that enables parents and employers to feel more reassured and confident.


Is it possible to follow a person discreetly using their telephone?

Of course, numerous applications exist already that enable you to link two telephones to be able to follow the whereabouts of one from the other. But this type of software does present certain problems if you wish the other person to be unaware that they are being tracked. This particularly concerns parents who wish to keep an eye on their children’s movements when they go out without the children ‘forgetting’ their telephone at home or deactivating the GPS localisation of their telephone to ensure privacy.

In fact, the vast majority of GPS tracking applications display an icon on both telephones, or at least the targeted telephone, which somewhat lessens the discretion of its use.

This is why developers have created true spy software that is totally invisible to the targeted telephone user and which enables you to follow the movements made by the mobile telephone in total discretion. However, you will still initially need to physically possess the targeted telephone to manually install this programme which means it is just about impossible to follow a person without their knowledge unless you are the owner of the telephone. In fact, this software cannot work using just the telephone number of the person concerned.

Now, with spyware that is specially designed for this purpose, the person you are monitoring will suspect nothing unless you inform them, and they cannot delete the programme that you have installed on the targeted mobile telephone.  A definite advantage if you wish to remain discreet. However the law requires that the person monitored is aware of the presence of this software even if that person is a child.


What can you legally use mobile telephone geo-localisation software for?

As we quickly summarised in the introduction of this article, the spyware enabling the tracking and movements of a person among other things using a mobile telephone are accessible through an entirely legal download. However, the use that you make of such an application can be legal or not so it is important that you understand and respect the law.

It is for example legal to monitor your children under 18 years of age in this way, as well as your employees, but only under certain conditions that we will examine later on. You cannot however, under any circumstances, use a GPS tracking application on the mobile telephone of another adult to follow their movements or locate them without their knowledge.

Geo-localisation application spyware is mainly used by parents who wish to monitor their children’s movements and locate them any time they wish. In fact, although the subject of children possessing mobile telephones or smartphones has been debated at length due to possible abuse issues, the worst nightmare of any parent is the disappearance of their child or the exposure of their child to certain dangers. With spyware such as the application we shall present here which enables you to locate your child at any time, follow their movements and even receive alerts when they leave a designated area, you will have no more worries. Of course, this use is only for the surveillance of minors under the age of 18 and you must still inform them of its presence. It is still possible to install this type of software on the telephone of an adult child but in this case you must also have their written consent.

Another frequent use of this spyware that enables the geo-localisation of a mobile telephone is professional. In fact, numerous businesses of different sizes already use this type of software, in the same way that they equip their company vehicles with GPS tracking. It is totally legal to install this type of software and monitor the mobile telephones of employees if they are supplied by the employer but, of course, it is totally illegal to monitor the employees’ personal telephones.  Also, every company that installs and uses this type of software with their employees must inform the latter of the presence of this spyware on their company telephones clearly and in writing. 

Other uses of spyware for the tracking or geo-localisation of a person or any other surveillance activity are of course also illegal. It is therefore illegal to install the tracking or surveillance software on the telephone of an adult without their consent, for example your spouse, a friend or an acquaintance. Although there are many people that do use these applications for such uses they risk facing a legal dispute for invasion of privacy if the victim should discover they are being tracked from their telephone even if this seems difficult as the software is invisible once installed. It is up to you to respect the law!

It is of course possible to use this type of software on your own telephone for certain simple reasons. For example maybe you want to make it easier to find your telephone if you lose it or it is stolen. In the same way, if you have doubts as to the use of your telephone by someone around you without your knowledge then this type of surveillance can be an effective solution to give you peace of mind.


Knowing the location of a person using a GPS tracking application:

We will now look at the geo-localisation functions included in the spyware type software that you can install on the telephone of a person you wish to follow. Firstly this application will enable you to know where the targeted person is at any time as long as they have their telephone with them.

The GPS tracking software available nowadays has been perfected over time and enables you to view the position of a device clearly and precisely. From the dashboard of your application which is accessible from any device connected to the internet you can localise the exact position including the address of the targeted telephone, the GPS co-ordinates or view it directly on a map. The geo-localisation information is of course updated automatically and almost in real time as you can, with the majority of the applications available on the market, set the geo-localisation data synchronisation to every two minutes.


Consult the movement history of the mobile telephone that you are monitoring at any time:

Another GPS surveillance function available with the monitoring software is the display of the movement history. Using this feature your child or employee cannot lie to you about the places they have visited or where exactly they were situated at a particular time as you can check this information in only a few clicks from your dashboard.

In fact, the GPS tracker on the targeted telephone will send information about the telephone movements and location all day long to the designated server. Therefore, when you login to your dashboard you will be able to see the movements of the telephone over several hours and even days.

Each location is of course indicated clearly with the address, longitude and latitude and supplies other information such as the precise date and time.  You can thereby know not only where that person was but when they arrived and how long they were there.


Follow the itineraries of a person using a GPS localisation of their telephone:

As we have just explained, you can, using the spyware installed on the telephone of the person concerned, display a list of all the locations visited by this telephone. But the technology installed with this software goes even further as it literally enables you to track the itineraries followed by the person concerned.

This display is viewed directly on a map that shows all the recent movements and also allows you to clearly see an itinerary of the movements. This can be particularly useful for company managers who wish to check the movements of their employees and confirm they are not using their work time for other activities, or for delivery companies that wish to optimise the itineraries of their delivery drivers. Parents will equally appreciate being able to know which route is taken by their children to go to school or return.


Define safety zones and danger zones using the geo-localisation feature on a mobile telephone:

This function will be particularly appreciated by parents who place the safety of their children first and foremost. If your children have a tendency to disobey or stray into places you judge too dangerous for them or you simply wish to be able to react quickly if your child strays too far from home then you will be reassured to know you can set up certain precise zones using this application.

It is actually possible to designate a safety zone that should not normally be breached by your child. If your child leaves this safety zone then you are notified directly by SMS and can take the necessary measures without constantly needing to follow their movements using their telephone tracker.

In the same way you can designate certain areas, such as neighbourhoods or main roads, as dangerous and be notified by SMS when your child approaches these areas.


How to install and use GPS positioning surveillance software:

This spyware that includes a function enabling the GPS position detection can be downloaded directly online and installed in only a few minutes. To do so you first need to choose the model of surveillance software and the exact package you require including any supplementary options. You then need to pay using your credit or debit card online. You will obtain a link that you should click on or enter using the targeted telephone that you will of course need to physically hold at this time for the installation.

The browser on the targeted telephone will direct you to a download page from which you can download the surveillance software. You then simply need to follow the instructions to install and setup the software on the telephone concerned. Sometimes, to be able to fully use all the functions available with the software you may need to reboot or perform a jailbreak with the targeted telephone. There again the procedure will be clearly explained to you and easy to follow. If you encounter any difficulties during the installation of the application you will be able to access assistance directly from the software customer service helpline online.

Once the software has been installed it will be undetectable and inaccessible from the targeted telephone. You however will immediately be able to start tracking it remotely. To do so you simply need to connect to the internet and login to your dashboard from any device such as a computer, tablet or smartphone. You will then be able to view all the functions and data recorded by the application including the geo-localisation information.

From this dashboard you can therefore follow the targeted telephone without the user being aware.

But that is not all! In fact, this type of spyware offers many other functions and uses than just GPS tracking and geo-localisation. You can in fact monitor all the data relating to this telephone in the same discreet manner.

For example, you can consult the SMS messages sent and received, the telephone calls both made and received, the internet browser history and even the photo and video files that are on the telephone. Other functions such as the surveillance of instant messages, the listening and recording of audio calls and even the remote activation of the microphone on the targeted telephone to enable you to listen to the background noises are also available on the better spyware applications available on the market.

The surveillance of GPS data is therefore not the only advantage of this type of software that offers a full range of practical functions for the surveillance of your children or employees.