How to remotely record mobile telephone calls
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Is it possible to remotely record the calls made and received by a mobile telephone?

Firstly you should know that it is certainly possible to spy on a mobile telephone remotely and record calls made or received by this particular device. There are various ways of doing this but the most effective is by far using what is commonly called spyware or surveillance software.

This software actually acts like a real spy application. Once installed on the targeted mobile telephone it will recover all the data of this telephone and store it on a server. The spyware user has a secure online account with a dashboard that can be accessed from any online device using the internet and through which they can remotely access the collected data.

This type of spyware also enables the consultation of various data related to the use made of the targeted telephone and, of course, in the cases we are examining here, it enables you to access calls made and received by the telephone.

From the dashboard accessible through a personal secure area, the spyware user will therefore be able to view details of all the calls made and received by the targeted telephone, even those that have previously been made, if this option has been chosen. The data available for each call is detailed and varied. It includes the date and time of the call, the duration of the call, the type of call (made or received), as well as the number of the telephone and of course an audio recording of the conversation itself.  

Contrary to the information that can be recovered by simply spying on the detailed invoice of the mobile telephone number supplier, the telephone numbers from which calls have been made or to which calls are made are not partial or hidden. This means that you will obtain the complete numbers and not just part of them.


Is it possible to access the telephone call history and the contact list of a mobile telephone remotely?

The ability to remotely access the list of calls made and received by a mobile telephone and listen to the recorded calls can be advantageous for many reasons. But the fact of being able to view details such as the telephone numbers of callers and receivers are no good if you don’t know who the people spoken to actually are. This is where spyware can prove particularly useful.  

In fact, apart from enabling access to the monitored telephone call history, this type of software also enables you to view the menu of the targeted telephone. Therefore you will be able to view the telephone contact list with all the related information (email addresses, addresses, fixed or mobile telephone details etc…) with no restrictions.

Therefore  you will know who has called or been called by the person you are monitoring, but you can also know all the contacts listed on that particular telephone, even if the numbers are not actually called by the targeted person.

Which spyware applications enable the recording and listening of calls using a specific mobile telephone?

Do you already like the idea of software that enables you to remotely view details of calls made and received by a mobile telephone or see the contacts list of that telephone? In this case you will undoubtedly want to know more about the latest generation spyware applications, the most technologically advanced surveillance software on the market, that enable you to learn what was actually said during these telephone conversations.

In fact, using this software and directly from your secure online dashboard you can configure this application to record the conversations on the targeted telephone and store them on the secure server. You can then listen to them and view the details whenever you wish. The recordings are kept for a period of time that varies according to the model of spyware you choose but normally you can listen to them several weeks following the date of the actual telephone call.

However we would like to draw your attention to the fact that this option is not available using all the spyware applications available on the market, it may be necessary to pay for a premium service or make a supplementary payment for this option. It will also be necessary to proceed with a jailbreak or rooting when you install this software to bypass the security of the targeted telephone.


How to install software for recording calls of a specific mobile telephone and listen to them remotely?

Now you know about the recording functions for calls and contacts of a mobile telephone using spyware, you probably want to know more about how to actually obtain and install this type of software.

Firstly you need to know that the installation of this type of software cannot be completed remotely. You absolutely need to physically hold the telephone of the person you wish to monitor for the installation and, of course, know the telephone unlocking codes so you can access the different menus. The telephone also obviously needs to be connected to the internet, preferably by Wi-Fi.

Once you have the telephone in hand you will first need to subscribe to a service to use a spyware application. The subscriptions offered vary according to the options chosen and the type of account as well as the subscription duration. You can choose any period from one month up to several years depending on your requirements.

When your payment has been made and confirmed you will receive a link to paste in the internet browser of the targeted telephone. This link will direct you to the software download page where you simply need to follow the step by step instructions given to you. Take the time necessary to carefully complete every step of the installation as ignoring any details may prevent the correct operation of the software at a later point. 

Once installed, this software is totally invisible to the user of the targeted telephone as no icon is visible nor is the application visible on the telephone menu. It is important to remember to delete the internet browser history with the download link page. All can then be managed remotely, at a distance.   

Following your subscription you will undoubtedly receive an email with your personal access details to your secure online area. All you have to do then is to follow the link to your page and log in. You can then access your dashboard where all the recovered information and data from the targeted telephone is available including the call list, numbers called and the contacts list. 

From this dashboard you can remotely view all the information available and also make modifications to the configuration of your spyware application or even cancel your subscription.


Is it authorised and legal to record calls from a mobile telephone?

Let us now examine the question that the majority of people ask relating to this type of software aimed at monitoring the telephone calls and contacts of a particular mobile telephone. To be totally transparent you should know that, generally speaking, spying as such is formally prohibited under European law which protects the privacy of each of us.

So why is this software available on the market and how can it be legal to buy and use? It is in fact entirely possible to use this software legally for surveillance operations under certain conditions. The law forbids you from spying or recovering personal information on someone without their knowledge or consent. This means that normally this software should only be used with the prior knowledge and consent of the targeted person on whose telephone the software has been installed.

For example, an employer may certainly decide to equip all the company mobile telephones of his business with this type of software application. However, it is obligatory to advise the employees of the presence of this software on their company telephones and also obtain their prior written consent.  It is illegal to monitor the activities of these employees without their knowledge or install this type of software on the personal telephones of the employees.

Another example concerns parents who wish to keep an eye on the use made by their children of new technology. But even so, and even if the child is less than 18 years old, the parents are required to inform their children verbally of the presence of the software on their telephone. Of course, the telephone and the associated telephone number and line must also be in the name of the parent who installs the software.

As you are undoubtedly aware, many people still use this software for illegal reasons, particularly to spy on the activities of their spouse or partner without the other person being aware of it. However if you are considering doing this you should know that if the targeted person learns what you are doing then they can file a formal complaint against you on the grounds of invasion of privacy which could result in a legal prosecution. It is therefore up to you to consider this carefully before launching into this activity. Of course, this choice is entirely up to you as the companies that create and sell this type of software do specify the legal aspects of their products but cannot require you to provide proof of the use you will make of it.  Of course, in the case of litigation, these companies cannot be held responsible for the use you made of the software.


What other functions are accessible using spyware for mobile telephones?

As we have just examined, spyware for mobile telephones enables you to remotely monitor calls made and received as well as details of the telephone numbers and contacts of a person. However this type of software also offers many other equally useful surveillance functions that we will summarise here. Don’t hesitate to read the articles available on our website that cover each of these functions in more detail.  

  • Spy on SMS and MMS messages: Apart from the call history you will also be able to access all SMS and MMS messages sent and received by the telephone as well as their content.
  • Monitor the instant chat services: It is the same with the instant messenger software accounts such as Whatsapp or Messenger that are installed on the targeted telephone which will no longer escape your attention.
  • Spy on the email inboxes: All the email inbox files registered on the targeted mobile telephone equipped with this software can also be monitored remotely.
  • Spy on the social network accounts: You can also follow the Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter social network activities of the targeted person.
  • View the photographs and videos: You will obtain access via your dashboard to the photographs and videos taken by the telephone, as well as those received and downloaded.
  • Monitor the agenda: With this software you can access the events registered on the telephone agenda or calendar.
  • Spy on its position: You will know in real time exactly where the targeted telephone is situated and its recent movements and you can even define certain geographical zones so you will receive an alert by sms or email when the telephone enters or leaves them.
  • Monitor the whereabouts of a telephone: Certain spyware models even offer you the opportunity to remotely operate the microphone or camera of a targeted telephone so you can learn more in real time about its exact whereabouts.