Remotely access the videos and photos of a mobile telephone
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How to use spyware to access the photographs and videos of a mobile telephone at a distance?

The surveillance software that enable remote access to the photographs and videos on a mobile telephone are applications that can be easily found on the internet and installed on the telephone of the person you wish to monitor.

As we shall examine here later in more detail, this type of software enables you to access various information and data from this telephone remotely and from any kind of device that is connected to the Internet.

To do so you simply need to physically hold the telephone to be monitored for the installation of the software in order to complete the configuration in a few simple steps. Once the programme has been installed it will be totally invisible to the telephone user who will be unable to detect its presence or delete it.

The software will start to function as soon as the targeted telephone is connected to the internet either by Wi-Fi or through mobile data. It will also collect data such as photographs and videos regularly from the telephone as well as other information and send it to an external server for storage.

You will then be able to access the photographs and videos of this telephone remotely. To do this you simply need to log in to your account online. You will then see your dashboard with a summary of all the recorded information including media files and data collected from social networks. You will be able to view all the photographs full size and even enlarge them. The videos can also be viewed as if they were stored on your own device.  Of course, you will also be informed of the date and time that the photograph or video was taken, uploaded or downloaded or placed online as this software does not only allow access to the media taken by the telephone user, it also enables access to photographs and videos sent to a third party or posted online.

 This spyware is available through a simple subscription that can be paid monthly or annually. You can of course cancel your subscription at any time and uninstall the spyware remotely through your dashboard.


Is it legal to remotely access the photographs and videos on a mobile telephone?

Let us now examine the subject of the legality of using this type of software that offers remote access to the photographs and videos on a mobile telephone. The law firmly states that spying on a device is illegal if this is done without the knowledge of the person concerned. Therefore if you wish to legally access the photographs and videos of a person remotely on their mobile telephone then you will need to inform them prior to doing so and obtain their written consent.

This spyware is particularly popular with parents who wish to monitor what their children do with their mobile telephone. But legally this is only applicable to children under the age of 18 who are under the responsibility of the software users and the child must be aware of the software. The mobile telephone on which the software is installed must also belong to the monitoring parents as well as the associated telephone line. This will enable the parent concerned to follow the actions of the children who may face danger on social networks and when sharing images online, the perils and risks of which are well documented.

It is also possible to use this type of software for the surveillance of company employees or simply to access the photographs and videos taken using a professional telephone that is to be used for specific activities. However, there again, the employees concerned should be informed of the presence of this software on their devices and must sign a written consent.

As you have surely understood it is therefore not legal to use this type of software to spy on your spouse or someone close to you without giving this person prior notification of the presence of the software on their mobile telephone. Of course, it may be highly tempting to some people to try and use it for this secretly anyway as the software is totally invisible once installed and entirely controlled from a distance however if the person who is using the telephone should become aware of the software on the telephone they can formally prosecute you which can lead to a year in prison and a €45,000 fine. It is therefore up to you to reflect on this before you decide to use this software illegally.   

Also, the fraudulent use of this type of software is difficult as you need to have physical access to the telephone concerned and its screen unlocking code to be able to install this programme.


What other types of files can be remotely accessed using this type of spyware?

As we quickly summarised earlier, spyware enables you to remotely access the photographs and videos of a mobile telephone as well as a lot of other useful information and data. Here therefore is a summary of the functions offered by this type of surveillance software that is both innovative and revolutionary.

  • Detailed access to sent and received SMS messages as well as calls made and received. Certain more advanced software models also enable the recording and later listening at a distance of calls made and received.
  • Access to the internet browser history. You can obtain the list of all the web pages and websites visited using the targeted telephone with the times, dates and length of visits all recorded for you.
  • Access to all the social network activities. This software also enables you to monitor all the social networks such as FaceBook, Instagram, and Snapchat as well as instant messaging or chat applications such as Whatsapp or Messenger easily and without the need to try and hack your way into the accounts.
  • Accessing the localisation feature of the targeted telephone: In real time and from a distance you can use this software to know exactly where the targeted telephone is situated by displaying the GPS co-ordinates or its position on a map. Even better, it is possible to display the route taken by the telephone user and therefore their itinerary through tracking. Certain models of this type of software even offer you supplementary functions such as the ability to define dangerous or safe geographical zones and be alerted by an SMS when the telephone user enters or leaves these predefined zones.
  • Consulting the agenda and calendar: You can also access the details of the agenda and calendar on the targeted telephone with details of the past and future events.
  • Switching on the telephone microphone remotely: Although this option is not available on all the spyware available on the market it is one of the latest innovative spyware functions. From the dashboard you can launch the microphone function on the targeted telephone and listen to what is happening around the telephone.

As you may have noticed, spyware does not just simply offer you access to all the photographs and videos on a particular mobile telephone, it also enables you to access all the other information and data stored on that device.


How to choose the best software to remotely access the photos and videos of a mobile telephone?

Let us conclude this article by offering some advice on choosing the best surveillance software for you that will enable you to access the photographs and videos on a targeted mobile telephone.  Firstly we recommend you avoid certain software models that are fraudulent and benefit from their use by installing a virus on the targeted telephone. It can be very difficult for someone to tell the difference between a professional software model and a scam.

It is also best to choose spyware that offers assistance with the installation. Although installing this type of software on a targeted telephone is not really difficult you may still require technical assistance at the time you complete the installation.

The spyware that we have chosen to recommend to you on this website is one of the best applications currently available on the market as well as being highly professional yet easy to use. It enables you to access the photographs and videos of the targeted telephone at a distance as well as other information that we have previously mentioned.

Certain information is however available as an option and other types of information require the rooting or jailbreaking of the targeted telephone. It is therefore important to check this before paying for your software subscription.