Is it possible to spy on someone’s email inbox on their mobile telephone?
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The operation of email inboxes on mobile telephones:

Firstly, before passing on to explanations on how to monitor an email inbox on a telephone, let us take a few moments to recall the operation of these email inboxes using smartphones.

All the modern telephones that are in use nowadays with Android or Apple iOs allow the sending and receiving of emails without the requirement of an actual computer.

In fact, all you need to do is configure one or more email accounts on your mobile telephone so that it is synchronised with your email messenger service so you can use it when moving around with your telephone. In this way it is possible to enable access to as many email accounts as you wish on your telephone, whatever the email messaging service concerned. The most popular email services are of course Gmail, Hotmail and Outlook but, generally speaking, all email accounts can be synchronised to a mobile telephone with an internet connection.  

Email inboxes that are configured this way on your mobile telephone will function in a simple manner. They will in fact collect the data from your email inbox or another email account folder on the appropriate server and record them on your mobile device. You can then view the received emails, send emails or even manage and configure your account from your mobile telephone screen without the need to open your web browser.

 It is actually through their mobile telephone that most people nowadays consult their emails and reply to them, which makes mobile telephone spyware particularly appealing for the surveillance of a person’s email account activities in total discretion and from a distance.


How is it possible to remotely monitor an email inbox on a telephone?

As you undoubtedly already know, the online messaging services, more generally known as email accounts have extremely advanced security features as the objective of these companies is to guarantee the user that their messages are totally secure and no-one can use their account apart from them.

It is therefore pointless to try and pirate an email account of the person you wish to monitor by trying to discover their login and password information, or use any other method available on the internet that even remotely resembles hacking into the account. This is highly complicated and also severely punished by the law.

Luckily nowadays there are ways that are far easier and more effective to directly access all the sent and received emails from an email account installed on a mobile telephone. This can be achieved using surveillance software or spyware which was specifically created to be installed on a specific mobile telephone to collect and store all the data from it.

To put it simply, if you wish to discreetly monitor the email inbox of someone the best way to do so is by installing this type of software on their mobile telephone.

This type of surveillance software can be easily and rapidly installed on the telephone of the person you wish to monitor, and is totally invisible to the user once the installation has been completed.  They also enable you to view, from a secure online personal account that is accessed using your username and password, all the information that passes through the targeted telephone. This access includes of course the email accounts and it can be configured so that you can see all the emails sent and received whenever you wish.

Of course, here we are not referring to the pirating of an email account as you cannot use the related email account to send and receive messages, or even delete messages received. The objective here is simply for information purposes.


How exactly do you use spyware to monitor an email inbox on a mobile telephone?

Here we offer some explanations and information on the steps to follow to start remotely monitoring the email inbox on a telephone. You should of course commence by choosing the model of surveillance software you wish to use. To avoid scams or ineffective software do not hesitate to learn more about the spyware that we recommend on our website which is among the best currently available on the market.

Once you have chosen your software you will need to choose the type of monthly or annual subscription you prefer and pay the stated amount by credit or debit card. It is also possible to pay by direct debit every month. You should create your personal account with login information including your user name and password which you will need later on to access the stored information.  

The website will then advise you of a url address or link that you should enter into the internet browser of the telephone you wish to monitor in order to install the application. Then you simply follow the step by step instructions for the installation and configuration of the software. This should only take a few minutes but does require access to the targeted telephone which should be unlocked and connected to the internet.

Once the installation has been completed remember to delete the internet browser history of the targeted telephone to ensure that this operation cannot be viewed. Of course no specific icon will be displayed on the telephone to ensure total discretion.

All you have to do then is to login to your surveillance account from another device to access your dashboard and monitor the email accounts of the targeted telephone.

From this dashboard you simply need to click on the appropriate email inbox name that you wish to monitor to access all the emails therein. You may also notice that this dashboard is not limited to email accounts; you can monitor and access many other types of information and data.

You can notably follow the telephone calls made and received with their length and details relating to the other correspondent, the SMS messages sent and received, the different geographic locations and movements of the telephone, the video and photographic files stored on the telephone, and all the data relating to the use of the applications installed on the telephone such as social network accounts, instant messaging accounts and other programmes. It is therefore a truly complete surveillance solution that offers you access to everything you could require in relation to a person’s activities.


Is it legal or not to spy on the email inbox of a telephone?

Let us now continue with a look at the legal aspect of spying on the email inbox of a telephone. What is the legal position regarding this type of practice and how is the individual’s right to privacy protected?

The marketing and sale of this spyware is totally legal and authorised by the law as long as they are used in certain specified ways. Of course, those who make and sell them are not able to monitor the use that is actually made of this spyware so it is up to you to respect the law. But what does the law actually state?

The fact of installing surveillance software on a mobile telephone or another such device is particularly authorised for parents who wish to monitor their children’s activities. In all such cases the children must however be under 18 years of age and under the legal responsibility of their parents and must also be informed of the presence of this software on their telephone. The parents should also be the legal owners of the monitored telephone and the associated telephone line or number.

It is also possible to use this type of software professionally if an employer wishes to monitor the activities of their employees during their working hours. However there again there are certain conditions applicable. The employees that use telephones that have had this software installed must be clearly informed of its presence. Also, only the company telephones can be monitored in such a manner, the surveillance of private telephones is categorically illegal!   

Finally, and generally speaking, the law authorises you to use this type of software on a person’s telephone if they are aware of the presence of this software and have given their prior written consent.

If you use this type of surveillance software to monitor the email account of someone without their knowledge or to collect the data from a telephone with illegal and malicious intent then you can be prosecuted under the law if your victim discovers this and files an official complaint.