Can we spy on our children or teenager's phone?
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The dangers of technology for children and teenagers:

Useless to keep lying to yourself, you will not be able to stick to your basic principles of education regarding screens and technology, by limiting your children to have acess to it. While it is possible to hide the digital world to the smaller ones, once children enter middle school, it will be very difficult for you to say no if they ask you for a phone and like all the other children of his generation, your pre adolescent will enter the digital and virtual world.

Of course, the fact that your child has his own phone can be somewhat reassuring for you since he will be reachable at any time and he will be able to call you in case of a problem, but it will also raise serious questions regarding its safety. We talk more and more about all the risks that technology comes with and its dangers for our children. Without trying to worry you unnecesarily, here is a list of the main dangers of letting a child or teenager use a phone without supervision:

  • A dangerous encounter: you are probably aware that it is a trend for children and teenagers to use social networks. From the age of 10 to 12, your little one will probably get connected and will start using the most popular applications on his phone, such as Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram without having an idea of the scope of this. Because these social networks are also well known to all kinds of predators, who use them to attract young children to them.
  • Cyber bullying: You have probably already heard about bullying, which can have serious consecuences on the mental health of a child and particularly on a teenager, but few people know about what we call cyber bullying. In fact, some bad people, often teenagers themselves, have fun using another child as a scapegoat and they can retrive comprimising pictures or videos from another teenager's social media account or other application account and make them public. The consecuences of such acts can sometimes be dramatic and can go very far, especially because it is extremely difficult to delete an image once it has been shared on the web.
  •  Academic performance and addiction: applications and the posibilities offered by technology and mobil phones can also represent a danger of addiction for children and teenagers who are often too young to be able to set limits on themselves. Your child can therefore quickly become addicted to his new toy to the point of putting his academic performance in jeopardy  and isolate himself gradually.

As you can see, parents have good reasons to be worried about their children using a mobile phone, even though it is very difficult to deprive them of it nowadays. It is even more worrying since children generally do not let their parents enter their private sphere and it is therefore impossible for the latter to be aware of what their children really do with their phones and still less to have any control over it. However, this is now possible thanks to spy softwares that will radically change the lives of these children's parents.


How can you spy on your children's or teenagers' phone in a discreet way?

Let's talk now a little bit more about the softwares on the market that allow you to remotely spy on your children's phones. These softwares, called spy softwares can be downloaded directly from internet and installed on your child's phone. To get one and start spying on your teenager's phone, all you have to do is pay a subscription to the spying service, this subscription will vary depending on the duration and the options choosen.

The only and unique problem regarding the installation of this software is that you have to be able to have access to your child's phone. The ideal will be if your child wants you to buy him a phone that way you can install the monitoring software before giving the phone to him. If your child already has its own phone, it is time to give him a new one. He is going to be happy about his gift. However, you have to warn him about the presence of this application on his phone.

Once your subscription is paid online, you will get a specific internet link or address. Open the web browser on your child's phone and enter this address. You will then be redirected to a page to download the application. Then, you only have to click on the link to download the software and follow the instructions on the screen for its installation. That will not take you longer than a few minutes. Of course if you have any difficulty during this installation, do not hesitate to ask for help to a technical assitant by phone in order to not miss any important step.

Once the installation is finished, the application will be in place and will start doing its job. The operation of the spying software is actually very simple. It collects all the data that goes through the phone and stores it in an external server. By connecting to your personal space online with a username and password that you will create during your subcription, you will have access to all the data and will therefore be able to know everything that your child does with his phone and at any time.


What exactly can you spy on with a monitoring software:

Let's now take some time to discuss in detail the elements you will be able to access from the control panel of your personal space. You will in fact be amazed by the diversity of elements that you will be able to consult remotely without your child being aware of it.

  • The contacts, calls and messages: in one click, you will be able to access the list of phone contacts stored in your child's phone. You can also take a look at the history of calls received or emitted by the phone with the time and date as well as their duration. Some softwares go as far as to make an audio recording of the conversations so that you can listen to them. The same goes for the messages received or emitted which will also be consultable from this same control panel. Nothing will escape from you.
  • Instant messaging and social network applications: Of course, nowadays teenagers usually prefers to use instant messaging or social networks applications to communicate with their friends. There is no problem, since this kind of spy software will also recover the conversations made through those messaging applications as well as all of your child's activities on his social networks' acccounts such as Facebook, Instagram or Whatsapp.
  • The pictures and videos stored in the phone: Since you will hace access to all the data stored in your child's phone, you will also be able to freely consult all the pictures and videos taken by your child as well as those that have been sent to him or that he has downloaded.
  • His internet browsing history: are you afraid that your child will use his phone to consult pages or websites that you think are not appropiate for his age? Thanks to the presence of this spy software, you will have the possibility of seeing the list of the pages visited with the time, date and hour at which the connection was made and you will even be able to click on the link of the page to take a look  yourself.
  • The phone's GPS tracking system: Finally, and this is probably the most reassuring feature of this kind of software for parents, the GPS tracking of your child's phone is also visible from  the application's control panel. We will explain to you, how you can use it in an effective way, below.

As you have seen, the  monitoring software that you will install on your child's phone will allow you to monitor him in a really efficient way and you will be completely reassured.


Finding a child or teenager thanks to a spy software:

We have just seen that the spy softwares that you can buy and install on your child's or teen's phone offer a GPS tracking system, among their many features. This technique prowess is particularly interesting if you are afraid of losing your child.

You can in fact see the exact location of your child's phone on a map and therefore that of  its owner at any moment. But this feature goes even further. In a single glance, you can see the list of all the places where the phone has been in the past and it even displays the itineraries taken on a map in order for you to know if your child is well or if he is going where he says he is.

Even better! With this feature, you can also set up so-called safety zones. For example, if your child has yo stay at home during your absence, you can set a safety zone around your house. If your child goes out of this safety zone, you will immediately be alerted by message and can therefore intervene before he is exposed to danger.

The same way, you can define one or several danger zones in which you do not want your child to venture. This may be a specific neighboorhood or a dangerous street with a lot of traffic. In this case too, you will immediately be alerted by message if the phone goes in this zone.

Are you surprised about the quality and practicality of these features? Then you will be even more with what you will learn right now. In fact, one of the latest innovations of the highest quality spy softwares  concerns the possibility of listening to what is happening around your child. Lets imagine for example, that you don't know where your child is or what he is doing in a specific place where you see he is through the application. All you have to do is click on your control panel to activate the microphone of your child's phone and you will be able to hear what is going on around him just as if you were talking to him through the speaker.

As you can see, the specific features of this spy software are a guarantee for parents who fear for their children. Whether your child is lost or even worse, has been kidnapped or you just want to know more about where he goes and what he does when you are not there, everything is now possible and you will be able to react on time for his safety.

Another interesting use of the GPS tracking feature is the ability to find a phone that has been lost or stolen, which unfortunately happens as often to children as to adults. You will only have to locate the phone on a map to find out where it is.


A software that also acts as a remote parental control:

Even if most of the parents who are careful about the well being of their children take the time to set up a parental control on the connected devices of the house such as computers, tablets, and tvs, setting up such control on a phone is more complicated.

In fact, if you can set up some restrictions by searching on the phone's menu before giving it to your teen, the latter will probably unblock these restrictions the same way and he may not let you touch his phone in the future anymore. Besides, he will only have to download the applications again so that you lose control.

Thanks to the spy softwares that you can install on your child's phone, you will no longer have this problem since you will be able to exercise parental control directly from your control panel, which means remotely and without needing to manipulate the target device. It is in fact possible to block or restrict this phone's access to certain sites or web pages that you may find inappropiate for your child or even block the use of certain applications. This way, you can have complete control of your child's use of his phone and the latter will not be able to take off those settings that you have put in place.


Is it legal to spy on your child's or teen's phone?

Let's move now to a question that a lot of parents who want to install this software on their children or teenagers phone are asking themselves. Is it really legal?

It is true that we often hear about the respect to privacy and the interdictions of some practices of digital espionage and that can scare some parents. The good news is that the use of this kind of software to monitor your children is completely legal under certain conditions.

First of all, you must be the legal guardian of the child that you are spying on. This child has to be a minor too. A child who is over 18 is considered as able to judge for himself what he wants to do with his phone and has the right to respect for his private life. When your teen turns 18, you will need to uninstall the spy software from his phone or ask for his permission to leave it, which may be refused of course. But minors also have to be warned of the presence of this software on their phone. Finally, you also have to be the legal owner of the target phone and of the telephone line associated with it.

In conclusion, a software that allows you to spy on your child's or teen's phone is the ideal way for parents to exercise their right to survey the activites of the latter and to control the risks they take.