Evaluation and review of the Hoverwatch spyware
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General presentation of the Hoverwatch spyware:

First and foremost we would like to briefly present the Hoverwatch software. As maybe you already know Hoverwatch is considered by many to be one of the best surveillance software applications currently available on the market for mobile telephones. It offers various functions that we will detail later, notably that of localising a mobile telephone, recording calls and also enabling access to SMS messages and those received through instant messaging accounts. It also offers access to the most popular applications such as FaceBook, WhatsApp, Viber and SnapChat.

Hoverwatch is available in different versions for mobile telephones and also for personal computers and tablets. Once installed this surveillance software is totally undetectable to the user who cannot know they are being monitored at a distance.

Fully comprehensive in its functions and easy to install and use, Hoverwatch is the spyware that you need if you want to monitor someone at a distance or wish to know where your children are and what they are doing at any given time.

This software can be used on Android telephones and Windows Phones.


The installation procedure of the Hoverwatch surveillance software:

Let us now move on to some explanations relating to the method of installation and configuration of Hoverwatch on the targeted telephone. Firstly it is important to note that you will need to physically hold the targeted telephone before starting this installation. You will then need to follow these steps: 

Firstly you should register online on the Hoverwatch website and choose the subscription plan from those detailed below. When you create your account you will need to choose a user name and password that you will use to access the data from the targeted telephone via your secure administration centre. It should be noted that you will have the opportunity to test this spyware for free before you pay your subscription fee.

Once your download has been completed you will install the Hoverwatch application onto the targeted telephone using your secure personal online account. The explanations given for the installation and configuration of this software are clear and simple and you should have no difficulty in the implementation and set up of this spyware.

After that, you simply need to connect to your secure user administration area to remotely monitor the targeted telephone on which you installed the Hoverwatch software.


The surveillance functions offered by Hoverwatch:

We will now continue by examining in detail the functions that are included with Hoverwatch:

Using in hidden mode: Once the Hoverwatch software has been installed on the targeted telephone you can use it in hidden mode which makes this software totally invisible and undetectable to the user of the targeted telephone. No icon will appear in the menu or the telephone itself and even if the user browses through all their telephone applications they will not see the software. Of course this function offers an undeniable advantage as it provides the possibility of entirely discreet surveillance. 

Following calls and messages: Of course, Hoverwatch also offers access to a list of all the calls made and received with the targeted telephone plus information on the date and time of each call, its length and the name or number of the associated contact. This software even enables you to record calls and listen to them remotely. It also offers access to SMS and MMS messages received and sent from the targeted telephone with their content as well as the date and time it was sent or received and details on the contact.

Monitoring social network accounts: This is surely one of the most practical functions of Hoverwatch. This offers access to all the social network applications installed on the targeted telephone without requiring the login and password details. With Hoverwatch you can therefore follow the activities in real time of the person using the targeted telephone on FaceBook or Snapchat with, for the latter, the possibility of saving the messages and media exchanged for a long while. This function also applies to instant messaging accounts such as Messenger, Viber and Whatsapp too so you can follow the conversations of the targeted person remotely, at a distance.  

Localisation of the mobile telephone: The Hoverwatch spyware is also equipped with access to the GPS localisation feature of the targeted telephone. From your user admin area you can access information about the geographical location of the targeted telephone as well as its previous positions. This function can be particularly useful if the telephone is lost or to find a lost child or simply to know where your employees are at any time. The geo-localisation of the telephone is actually very precise and provides the address as well as the GPS co-ordinates of the targeted telephone. You can also view the telephone’s position on a map.

Triggering the telephone camera remotely: This function is not available with most other spyware but is however highly practical. It works by taking a photograph using the frontal camera of a mobile telephone each time the telephone is unlocked. If you are worried about who exactly is using the targeted mobile telephone then this function enables you to put your mind at ease by discovering the truth.

Access to the internet browser history: Smartphones are often used for browsing on the Internet so the availability of a function that enables the recording of the web pages and websites visited by the user of the targeted telephone is definitely another major advantage of the Hoverwatch software. In fact you will be able to access the entire navigation history of the targeted device with details on the pages visited, the dates and times of all visits and the time spent on each page. By clicking on the associated links in the summary available to you, you can also access the actual page visited to see what is actually viewed by the targeted user.

Access to the agenda and to do list: Popular functions on the mobile telephones currently available include the agenda and to do lists and setting reminders. Hoverwatch is one of the spyware applications available that offers access to this type of information as well as notes saved on the targeted telephone. You can therefore remotely access the calendar and agenda of the targeted telephone as well as scheduled events and meetings and reminders that have been registered. 

Access to the contact list of the targeted telephone: With Hoverwatch you can also gain access to the contact list of the targeted telephone. For each contact you will be able to view all the available information such as the name or pseudonym under which each number is listed, the associated telephone number and any email address. Of course, this information is updated every time a new contact is added to the list. 

Take screenshots: For devices that work using Android, Hoverwatch also enables you to take regular screenshots of the targeted telephone. In this way you can learn exactly which functions of the device are used or viewed and when.

Alert when the SIM card is changed: As explained previously, the Hoverwatch software is installed on the targeted telephone and not on the SIM card. This spyware also boasts an integrated function that enables you to receive an alert when the telephone SIM card is changed. Following a change in the SIM card of the targeted device you don’t actually need to do anything as the data will continue to be collected and stored by the software and you will therefore still be able to access all the information as detailed earlier.

As you may have noticed, the functions available with Hoverwatch are numerous and this software therefore offers a complete solution for the surveillance or monitoring of a mobile telephone.


Customer assistance and service for the Hoverwatch surveillance software:

Another important point to take into account when you choose spyware concerns the quality of customer service. With Hoverwatch, it should be noted that the customer service is of a particularly superior quality with professional advisors who are available for you around the clock, 24/7.

Therefore, if you have the slightest query concerning the use of this surveillance software or you need assistance for the installation and configuration of this application then you will find helpful and attentive advice and assistance.


Advantages and disadvantages of the Hoverwatch spyware application:

Concerning the various characteristics of the Hoverwatch surveillance software we should also detail the various advantages and disadvantages as follows.

The advantages of this software are numerous, the major points can be summarised as follows:

  • Firstly the price of this software is particularly attractive as it offers a decreasing price structure depending on the length of the subscription and the number of devices to be monitored.
  • This takes us to the second major advantage of this software that concerns the possibility of monitoring up to 5 devices simultaneously and up to 25 devices for companies.
  • The quality of the functions offered and their pertinence is also a major advantage of this software.
  • The quality and easily contactable customer service is another advantage that should be noted here as it is relatively rare to find assistance that is both practical and efficient.
  • To conclude, we should of course underline the simplicity of installation and configuration of this application that can easily be used anywhere by anyone without any prior specific knowledge of information or mobile technology or applications.

Regarding the disadvantages of this spyware application, we can only really lament the absence of a version of this surveillance software for Apple iPhone telephone devices.


Our objective review of the Hoverwatch surveillance software:

It goes without saying that with the numerous advantages of the Hoverwatch software and its few disadvantages we can only give a positive review of this spyware solution that is practical, economic and high in the range of functions offered. We should also point out that over 10 million people have downloaded and currently use this software which further underlines its quality and reliability.

It must be said that this software is particularly appropriate for parents that wish to reassure themselves by following the activities of their children as well as for company employers that aim to optimise the work efficiency of their employees. Of course, certain users also use this software for spying on their partner even if this type of use is in fact illegal as it infringes a person’s right to privacy as protected under European law.

Although we may be disappointed by the lack of an iOS version of this software as well as certain functions such as remote microphone activation and geo-fencing, the functions offered by Hoverwatch are more than sufficient for a relatively complete surveillance, particularly for such a low price.