How to remotely monitor an Instagram account
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What is Instagram and what kind of data is posted there?

Primarily, and before launching straight into explanations on the spyware that enables you to monitor an Instagram account, let us take a few moments to remind you of what this type of application actually does.

If you do not yet know Instagram, or you don’t use it, then undoubtedly you do already know that it is an application that enables you to post photographs and videos online. It is easy to use and enables anyone to share the happy moments in their life. Older people tend to use it to share family get-togethers or their holiday photographs and videos. Younger people tend to use it for sharing selfies or sharing happy times with their friends. It is above all the simplicity and fun aspects of this application that make it so popular with people across all generations. The photographs and videos can be taken directly by the software or uploaded from files on the user’s telephone. As with other applications of this type, Instagram also enables users to post a ‘story’; photographs or videos that are automatically deleted after a certain amount of time.

The majority of Instagram accounts are public accounts, this means that anyone can view the photographs and videos posted by the account holder and even subscribe to that person’s newsfeed and follow all their posts. But as with all popular social networks Instagram has implemented a system of privacy rules that enable the user to configure the access thereby authorising access to certain people and blocking particular individuals or public access.

Because of this confidentiality and ability to block or enable access, it is not always possible to see what the person you are interested in has posted on this social network and you may therefore wish to monitor this content through another means of access.


The best way to remotely spy on an Instagram account:

If you are one of the many parents who are worried about their children or you wish to spy on a particular person’s Instagram account you have undoubtedly already completed some research on the subject without satisfactory results. In fact, there is a proven method to remotely access the photographs and videos posted on an Instagram account even if the safety and confidentiality measures implemented by the account user are tight.

Here we are referring to spyware, also called surveillance software for mobile telephones that is increasingly popular due to their efficacy relating to surveillance and monitoring functions not only for Instagram accounts but also other social network accounts.

This type of software is an application or programme that can be downloaded and installed directly on the telephone of the person you wish to monitor. Once installed it enables you to follow all the Instagram posts of the person concerned and even enlarge the photos posted and view the videos.

As you can see, using this type of software is extremely simple and enables you to remotely follow all the operations and posts made by the person you are monitoring.


How to install and use spyware on an Instagram account?

Let us now turn to the practical by explaining how this spy software works that we are examining here.

Firstly, and before starting to monitor the Instagram account of someone you will need to install the spyware on their telephone. This requires access to this device and its private code so you can unlock the welcome screen. Once unlocked, open the internet browser and enter the URL website address that you have been sent following your purchase of the surveillance software. This will transfer you to a page via a link where you can download the spyware programme.

Step by step detailed instructions are then given for correctly installing this software on the targeted telephone, these operations only take a few minutes. Of course, for this you will need to use the telephone of the person that you wish to monitor so ensure you have the time and the privacy required for the installation and configuration.

When the software is installed it will be totally invisible to the telephone user who will not see that their activities are being monitored as no icon will be visible on the telephone menu. It is however advisable to delete the internet browser history so that the user cannot access the spyware download page and discover the software. 

Once installed, the software will start to function by recovering all the data stored on the telephone and recording it to an external server. In this way you can remotely consult all this information, at any time and from anywhere, by simply logging in to your account.

From your account you will be able to access your dashboard where a summary of all the information collected is recorded. You simply need to click on the Instagram account to monitor and view all the photographs and videos that the user has posted. 

However as you shall soon discover, this software doesn’t just allow you access to the Instagram photos and videos of your target, it also enables you to recover lots of other useful information such as the localisation of the telephone whereby you can view its movements on a map, the details of telephone calls made and received, SMS messages both sent and received, and lots of other data including all the photographs and videos saved on the telephone.

 Finally, this software is a complete monitoring solution that has been perfected over time and enables the surveillance of an individual effectively and without the risk of being exposed. However, as we shall examine later on, it is still extremely important that you use this software in accordance with the law.


Can you trust other methods for spying or pirating an Instagram account?

When surfing the net with your preferred search engine you have undoubtedly seen numerous free solutions that will supposedly enable you to hack into an Instagram account or access its content from a distance. For the most part, these methods, apart from being entirely illegal, are often inefficient or for the use of experienced hackers.

We therefore do not recommend that you use them to monitor an Instagram account. In fact, hacking into an Instagram account is extremely difficult, generally impossible as this type of social network does everything possible to ensure the safety of its users. Therefore, by using one of these methods you risk simply wasting your time, or even money as certain pirate applications require you to pay before being able to use them, which is of course a scam that you do not want to fall for. 

It should again be remembered that the hacking or pirating of an Instagram account, or any other private online account, is punishable by law. You should therefore not undertake such an act frivolously.

Using spyware is in fact the only legal method, under certain conditions, that enables the monitoring of an Instagram account remotely without the risk of scams or being disappointed. Of course, this type of software is payable but taking into account the various functions to which it grants access the price is certainly worth it.


Why monitor an Instagram account from a distance?

We will now examine the law in detail related to spying on an Instagram account together with the authorised and illegal uses of this type of surveillance software. But first let us review the reasons that may encourage a person to monitor the Instagram account of someone else. 

Firstly, parents are often the first to search for surveillance software for their children’s Instagram accounts. Of course, certain people may be shocked by this behaviour and consider that children need their privacy but other parents justify this surveillance of their children’s online activities because of anxiety over safety issues. 

It is true that barely a week goes by without a serious problem or attack hitting the news related to social networks and their use by children or adolescents does nothing but amplify the risks. It is therefore normal that many parents are worried about what their children are actually doing on certain social network websites such as Instagram. The ability to clearly view the photographs and videos that their children are posting on this type of application enables the verification of each file to ensure that it cannot be used against the child by damaging their reputation or their future. A child or adolescent may not always be aware of the consequences to their life or reputation by posting certain photos or videos. This can also assist with the surveillance of interactions of the children with other people and ensure that they are not contacted by ill-intentioned people such as sexual predators through this type of network.

Of course, other people would also like to spy on the Instagram accounts of other people they know through simple curiosity or, for example, to verify the fidelity of a partner or how they interact with other people. Everything is possible and everyone has their own reasons to want to access this personal data.


What is the law relating to spying on an Instagram account at a distance:

We have just examined the details on how this spyware, once installed on a person’s telephone, can be used to spy on their Instagram account. But is this legal you may ask?  In fact, the developers who created this type of software are perfectly within their rights to sell this spyware online in Europe and these applications are considered entirely legal under European law. However, when you visit one of these websites you will notice that the use of this software must follow certain rules. Here therefore we will explain what is authorised and what is forbidden by law relating to the use of this spyware.

Spyware that enables the monitoring of an Instagram account can also be used by parents that wish to supervise their children’s activities online. They can freely install this software on their children’s telephones on the conditions that the children are notified, they are under the age of 18 and the telephone line and telephone itself belongs to the parents. It is therefore illegal to use spyware on the telephones of older children, even if they live in the parental home.

These programmes can also be used by companies that wish to monitor their employees. However, in this case, the employees must be informed in advance. It is also forbidden to use this type of software on the personal telephones of employees, only the company telephones, computers and tablets can be equipped with this spyware.

In all cases, it is totally illegal to use this type of software to spy on an adult unless the person concerned has given their prior agreement for you to install this programme on their telephone. In the case to the contrary, and if you are revealed by the targeted person who then formally makes a complaint then you risk prosecution for invasion of privacy.