Can we remotely monitor a Facebook account?
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Is it possible to spy on a Facebook acount discreetly and how?

You may have already wanted to spy on the Facebook account of someone you know and maybe have even tried different techniques to conect to this account by trying to guess the password, of course without success. In reality, there are much easier ways to access to the information of a Facebook account, and the most effetive of which is using a spy software.

This software is a small program to install on the device that you want to monitor. Most of the time, it is a smartphone since most Facebook users connect to it through this social network's application on their smartphone. But of course, you can also install this type of software on a tablet or on a computer.

Once the spy software installed, it will give you access to all the elements, posts, images, friends, profiles or even conversations of the target remotely, just as if it were your own account. Of course, you will not be able to use this account to do anything such as posting statuses or interacting with this person's friends because that will be hacking an account as we will explain to you later. What we are talking about is only monitoring what happens on the Facebook account of someone without confidentiality restrictions.

In order to do this, you only have to connect to your control panel from any other device connected to the internet such as a phone, a tablet, or a computer, and use the username and the password that were given to you or that you chose during your registration. From this control panel, you will be able to see all the actions relative to the use of Facebook from the account of the target and fom the monitored device.

But the big advantage of this sort of application is its discretion. In fact, the person that will use the device on which you will install the program will not be able in any case to know that you are spying on his facebook account unless you informed them clearly since no icon will appear in their phone's or device's menu.

Of course, in order for this monitoring to work, the target phone has to be connected to the internet.


Is it legal to monitor a Facebook account with a spy software?

As you may have realized by yourself by visiting the site of this type of spy software, no reason will be asked to you about the use you want to give to the software. However, it is important to remind you about the laws concerning this type of espionage.

In fact, on these sites you will simply find a legal warning concerning the authorized use of this type of monitoring. The spy softwares used to spy on Facebook accounts are in fact only intended for parents who want to use it on the phones, tablets or computers of their minor children or for employeers or CEOs who want to monitor the activities of their employees, and even in these two specific cases, there are some additional rules that apply.

For the parents, the child that is going to be monitored has to be a minor, which means that he has to be under 18 years old and be under their legal responsibility. The target phone or device must also belong to them and they must be the legal owners of the telephone line associated to the phone. Even in this situation and even if the children are minors, the parents have to let them know about the presence of the software.

Regarding the use of this type of software by companies, it is also authorized under certain conditions. Employees have to be clearly informed of the presence of this application on their professional devices (phone, computer or tablet). The employer can not use this type of application on the personal devices of his employees in any case.

It is therefore up to you to use these softwares as you wish but if you want to use them to spy on your partner or a friend without his knowledge, you should know that your target will have the right to file a complaint against you in case that he discovers that you are spying on him and the application supplier will in no case be held responsible for it.

In addition, you should know that in order to use this type of software to spy on or monitor a Facebook account you need to install said software on the concerned device. therefore you have to be able to have it in your hands in order to perform this operation. It is therefore useless to try to spy on someone's phone if you don't have access to it or without knowing the security code to access it.

The legal use of these kind of softwares to spy on Facebook or any other social networks gives you already many possibilities.


A security for parents face to the dangers of social networks:

As we have just seen in detail, the installation of a spy software by parents on the devices used by their kids is one of the legal uses of this kind of programs. But What is the point of such type of monitoring which can be considered as an abuse by some people?

In reality, you just have to hear a little the news to discover the dangers concerning the use of social networks such as Facebook by minors with the parents not being able to do anything, simply because they were not aware of what was really happening. Some malicious people or sexual predators use these social networks, which are particularly popular among the youngsters and children to find their future victims. Thanks to this type of discreet and complex softwares, parents can now know with whom are their children communicating on Facebook and be alerted about a possible danger.

This also allows parents to check that their children do not publish things that could be danguerous for their image or be use for bad purposes such as photos or videos. We all know from what we have seen on the news that information diverted from social networks can have dramatic consequences for the well being and the safety of children and teenagers.

Finally, monitoring the Facebook account of your children allows you to check that they are not victims of bullying by its classmates, whose consecuences can also be catastrophic specially because children normally keep this kind of things for themselves.

But these softwares go further than that because they allow parents to remotely block or restrict the access of the target device to certain applications including popular social networks such as Facebook or even access to certain websites that could be unsuitable to the age or the sensibility of the child. They offer therefore a lot more than just monitoring and also act as complete and customizable parental control.

In view of all this facts, it is certain that the usefulness of this type of spy software is real and that the goal here is not to interfere in the private life of your children, but rather to ensure their safety and their security with modern and current means. 


A security for employers face to the excesses of their employees:

Nowadays, every employee has access to technology in their work, and it is not uncommon that the companies give informatic and communication material such as computers, tablets and smartphones to their employees. Moreover, it is also very tempting for employees who have access to this kind of equipment, to use it to connect to their social networks. However, it is obvious that the time spent by employees on this social networks such as Facebook represents a significant loss of eficiency at work and therefore a financial loss for the company.

This is the reason why several employeers choose to equip their employee's devices with spy software. Of course and in such cases, the employees have to be aware of the presence of the program on the devices.

The advantage of this type of software for companies is that it allows, depending on the the flexibility and the willingness of the employer to block their employee's access to some applications such as Facebook completely or allow it but have remote control on the device in order to avoid abuse in terms of time.

Of course, employers can not reveal or use the data of their employee's private life that have been gathered through those softwares as specified by the laws regarding the respect to privacy.

We should also notice that only the devices that belong to the company can be equipped with this kind of monitoring softwares and that the company can not impose this type of software to its employees concerning their personal devices.


What is the difference between monitoring a Facebook account and hacking a Facebook account?

Many people still have a tendency to confuse the concepts of spying on and hacking a Facebook account. As we have discussed in this article, monitoring softwares allow you to spy on a person's Facebook account by monitoring the data emitted and received from his phone or from any other device used to navigate on a social network. But of course, this is not about hacking the account of the target user.

This means that you will only be able to consult what is going on and you will not be able to impersonate that person and take actions on its profile such as post publications or chat with their contacts.

Of course, the web is full of websites, videos and tutorials explaining how to hack a Facebook account but let me tell you right away, that none of these methods work. With luck, you may be able to copy their account by creating a similar one but that will not go any further. Of course, some hackers boast about their ability to hack any account but that is becoming more and more difficult since Facebook gives a lot of importance to the security of its users and of their personal information and is thus continuously reinforcing its security system.

Let's remember also that hacking a Facebook account or any other secured account is strictly forbidden and punished by law. Therefore do not be tempted for this type of illegal practice.

The one and only legal way that you can use to follow a Facebook account by complying to the rules is by using a spying program that is sold everywhere, such as the one that we have just recommended you here.