Which mobile telephone brands are compatible with spyware applications?
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What are the mobile telephones that offer the best compatibility with the spyware currently available?

The current mobile telephone market, although it offers numerous different brands, can actually be divided into two basic categories depending on the type of operating system used; the mobile telephones that work using Android and those that use iOS. 

Of course, only the iPhone brand telephones use the iOS operating system. If you have an iPhone, whatever the model and age, then it will definitely use this OS. But even though this system represents only a small part of the market it is still significant as it represents a single but major brand of telephone.

The mobile telephones that operate using Android are more numerous and represent around 70% of the current market. We particularly note the mobile brands Samsung, Huawei, LG, Sony, Xiaomi, Wiko and Alcatel.

Although spyware applications can be easily installed on mobile telephones that use either of these major operating systems the actual software version you need to download and install will not depend on the brand or model of the targeted telephone but rather the operating system it uses. The functions offered by the two different versions of surveillance software applications are generally and overall the same but the actual installation procedure may differ slightly. It should also be noted that some spyware applications are specifically created for iPhone devices and others for mobile telephones that use the Android OS. However the current trend of the spyware developers is to offer different versions of the same software for the iOS and Android operating systems.  

If you are choosing a telephone specifically to install spyware on it then be advised that this is not one of the main criteria to take into account, you should above all choose a quality device according to other reasons such as the reliability of the model, the personalisation options, the quality of the applications and functions included, the quality of the camera or the autonomy of the battery as well as, of course, the price.

The only real functions necessary for the installation of spyware on a mobile telephone is that it is connected to the internet either by Wi-Fi or 4G and has a web browser. This is mainly because the information that is collected by the spyware is only transmitted to an external server when the targeted telephone is online. Also, to install the software you will need to visit a webpage using the targeted telephone to download and install the surveillance software.  

Spyware can therefore be installed on the majority of the leading brands of mobile telephone available on the market such as iPhone, Huawei, Samsung, LG and Wiko fairly easily as they are all smartphones that feature an online browser function.


Which brands of mobile telephone are the easiest for installing a spyware application?

Let us now look at the technical aspect of surveillance software in terms of compatibility with major brands of mobile telephones and smartphones. In fact the technical installation of this spyware can vary in complexity depending on the operating system installed on the telephone, either iOS or Android. To better understand this aspect it is important to know that the iOS operating systems are considered as closed systems with a highly restricted and secure access for the users. This particularity therefore concerns the iPhone brand devices which are the only mobile telephones and smartphones equipped with this system.

Devices that work using the Android OS such as brands including Samsung, Huawei, LG and Wiko have an operating system that is more open to users. This difference between the open Android and closed iOS operating systems largely explains why it is a little more difficult to install spyware on an iPhone than any other brand of mobile telephone. However, it is still entirely possible to install this type of surveillance software on an iPhone.  

If you still wish to install this type of software on an Apple brand telephone you may encounter certain extra difficulties due to the authorisations necessary for this installation that you will not possess by default for this model of smartphone. To obtain the necessary access you will have to complete a jailbreak of the targeted telephone. This operation is fairly straightforward however and generally only takes a few minutes. Suppliers of spyware compatible with iPhone devices normally explain clearly how to complete this procedure and implement a jailbreak on the targeted telephone.   

Some people worry that updates to the Android and iOS operating systems may be a problem for the continued correct functioning of this type of surveillance software once it has been installed on the targeted telephone. It is true that when the telephone, whatever model it is, updates its operating system this may block or restrict certain functions from optimal operation. However the developers of this type of software have thought of just about everything and their software is normally updated to keep up with changes in the OS of the telephones. When it becomes necessary you will be informed of the need to update your software version through your secure user area. The good news is that once the software has been installed on the telephone you no longer need to touch the targeted telephone for updates which can be easily completed remotely.


The different functions of spyware available according to the brand of telephone:

Apart from differences in the installation of spyware depending on the brand of telephone there are also a few differences related to the functions available depending on the operating system used by the telephone. In fact although certain functions are only accessible using particular devices they will be blocked by others so it is important to note this point when choosing your telephone brand or spyware application.

Of course, these differences do not relate to the basic functions of spyware such as SMS message surveillance, the photographs and videos recorded on the telephone, or the historical call list and the geo-localisation feature which are all basically the same whatever the telephone, its brand or the operating system. The major differences are predominantly related to instant messenger applications such as Whatsapp and Messenger or the social networks such as FaceBook and Snapchat.

Also, certain applications are specific to the iPhone brand of mobile telephone that uses the iOS operating system, such as the iMessages application for sending and receiving group messages or private messages through the internet. The iMessage app, or an equivalent function, is not yet available for telephones using Android.

To conclude, if you decide to choose your spyware according to the functions offered, check carefully that the desired functions are totally compatible with the type of mobile telephone to be used. It should be noted that some functions are available only as a payable supplementary option and therefore not included in your monthly subscription payment.


Other elements to take into account when choosing your spyware application depending on the brand of telephone to be used:

To conclude, here is some supplementary information related to surveillance software and their operation depending on the brand of mobile telephone or smartphone that you plan to spy on. For example, it is important to note here that surveillance software downloads depend on the type of operating system used and are therefore not the same version of the application. The iPhone brand smartphones use applications that are downloaded from the App Store whereas mobile telephones that use the Android operating system such as the Huawei, Samsung and Wiko brands of smartphone use the Play Store, previously named Google Play.   

The spyware developers therefore logically find it easier and more practical to develop software that is compatible with the iPhone telephones that use the iOS operating system than the other telephone brands that use Android as the latter tends to be upgraded and modified more frequently whereas the iPhones actually evolve very little over the same time.  

In all cases, the last advice that we can offer you before you subscribe to a spyware service for a mobile telephone is that, whatever the brand, you choose one that uses a recently released operating system version. If it is an older telephone then ensure you update its OS before downloading and installing the surveillance software. In fact, whether you have an iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, LG, or even another brand, having the latest version of the operating system will enable you to fully benefit from all the features of your chosen spyware. The surveillance software that you choose to download is designed to work with the most recent updated versions of the appropriate operating system.


Do all telephone brands accept the installation of spyware on their mobile telephones?

Let us now go over some information relating to the legality of using spyware on currently available mobile telephones and smartphones, whatever the brand. Generally speaking, European and International law strictly protect the private lives of citizens and therefore recovering private information on a person, particularly through the use of surveillance and spying and unknown to the person concerned, is illegal and can be punished by law if a prosecution is initiated. However, this type of software remains authorised and freely available for download as it can be used for certain legal uses such as the professional surveillance by a company of its employees on the condition that they have given their prior consent to the presence and use of this software on their business mobile telephones supplied by the employer.  The same is true for the surveillance of children by their parent or legal guardian; this is also legal if the child is aware of the presence and use of the software.

However in reality, it is also fairly easy to circumvent this legal requirement as no proof will be required from you concerning your projected use of this software. You should however be aware that if you plan to use this software to spy on a person’s activities without their knowledge then this can severely turn against you if your illegal surveillance activities are detected by that person.

Another point, it should be noted here that to install this surveillance software on any brand of telephone you will need to have physical access to the targeted telephone together with its unlocking codes. Also, as mentioned earlier, to ensure you have the high level access required to install this type of application without needing to go through the App Store or Play Store you may need to perform a jailbreak or rooting of the targeted telephone. The manufacturers of various brands of mobile telephone and smartphone have of course designed their telephones with an extremely high security level that therefore requires this operation.