How to view and monitor a person’s SMS messages at a distance
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In which situations is it useful to be able to monitor the SMS messages of a person and is this legal?

Firstly, before continuing with our explanations concerning the operation of this software that enables the remote recovery of SMS messages let us take a few moments to inform you of the legal uses of this spyware.

The spy applications also commonly called spyware is software that recovers, among other things, the SMS messages of a targeted telephone and enables their consultation remotely without this being visible on the targeted telephone. However these applications have above all the objective of enabling certain types of surveillance that are permissible by law. They can particularly be useful for parents with children who have their own smartphones or mobile telephones and who wish to keep an eye on their children’s’ activities for reasons of safety. It is however obligatory that these children are under the age of 18 and the person purchasing and installing the software is their legal guardian. The parent should also inform the child of the presence of this software on their telephone.

Spying on SMS messages is also authorised for companies that wish to monitor their employees. This software can be installed on the mobile telephone of employees on the condition that the telephone is supplied by the employer for professional use and is not the personal telephone of the employee concerned. Also, in these cases, the employees should be aware of the presence of the spyware on their professional telephones.

The law specifically forbids the use of spyware for monitoring SMS messages and other mobile telephone data outside of these specific cases. It is therefore illegal to spy on the SMS messages or other data on a telephone that belongs to a non consenting adult such as for example your spouse. Although this spyware is undetectable on the targeted telephone, by installing this spyware in such a manner you are exposing yourself to the possibility of legal pursuit if the person monitored suspects you of doing so and lodges a formal complaint.

To be legal it is important that the targeted telephone on which you intend to monitor the SMS messages belongs to you and that you are the official owner of the telephone number concerned.

This reminder of the law is important as people are increasingly using this type of software beyond its legal and authorised use. The developer cannot be held responsible in any way for such a use as they cannot know how exactly, and for what reasons their software is being used. We therefore strongly recommend that you respect the law and do not use spyware for anything other than legitimate reasons. Also, you should know that monitoring the SMS messages of a person remotely requires access to their mobile telephone to install the software. It is therefore pointless to think you can spy on a person incognito and unseen simply by knowing their telephone number.


How does an SMS telephone surveillance application work?

Let us now explain the operation of the SMS spyware available on the market. These applications are actually software that needs to be manually installed on the telephone that you wish to monitor and they are of course payable. As we will look at in detail further on they are not only used for monitoring SMS messages, they also have many other surveillance functions.

But how does this software actually work? Let us start our explanations by a quick reminder relating to the installation of this type of application. To obtain It you need to order and pay for it online. It is therefore important that you verify that the website where you purchase this software is professional and reputable with a developer that produces high quality professional spyware. This will avoid you becoming the victim of a scam and/or find yourself with a virus on your telephone or on the targeted telephone.

Once the payment has been made the software supplier will explain how to install the spyware on the targeted telephone for monitoring SMS messages and other information. To do so you will of course be required to physically hold the targeted telephone which should be connected to the Internet either by a network or preferably Wi-Fi. You will start the installation procedure by visiting a web page with a download link that is provided. You then have to simply follow the instructions given to download and install the spyware on the targeted telephone. The procedure is relatively simple and easy to follow but can take a little time so it is important to ensure you have the time and privacy available to do so correctly and without disturbances. 

Once the application has been installed on the target telephone it is invisible to the user. No icon will appear on the telephone menu, and no pop-up or warning messages either. The software is then ready for use.

The software will in fact collect and recover various information from this telephone such as SMS messages, both sent and received, as they become available, as well as information on the date and time these were sent and received and the number or name of the sender or recipient. 

You will benefit from complete and unlimited access to all this information through a secure online dashboard. You will simply need to login to the software supplier’s website from your mobile telephone, tablet or computer using your user name and password to view all the SMS messages sent and received together with their details and other information.

It should be noted here that the synchronisation of information displayed on your dashboard depends on the installed application. The best software enables timed synchronisation by asking if you wish to collect data every day, every hour or even every two minutes. The only constraint is that for SMS messages to be recovered the targeted telephone must be connected to the internet through mobile data or Wi-Fi. Of course, if the telephone is not connected to the internet then the SMS messages sent and received during this period will still be collected and sent to the server as soon as an internet connection is detected.

However you should know that the majority of SMS messages that are deleted within a few minutes following their sending or receiving cannot be recovered by some software.


What other functions are offered by these applications apart from monitoring SMS messages:

We have just covered the status of these applications on the market that enable the user to remotely view and monitor the SMS messages on a targeted telephone in a discreet and effective way. But what you may not know is that this spyware also offers many other useful surveillance functions. Here we will examine other functions in detail that are generally accessible from your dashboard.

  • Call monitoring: Using this software you will also be able to access a list of telephone calls made and received using the targeted telephone with various information available to you such as the number of the other telephone, the duration of the call, and the date and time of the call. However not only can you consult a list with this information you are also able to listen to the actual recorded calls. To do this you will however need to complete a Reboot or Jailbreak of the targeted telephone.  
  • Geo-localisation: This function can also be extremely useful for parents as well as companies. With this function from your spyware dashboard you are able to follow the movements of the targeted telephone and therefore its user. You can view a list of the places visited or a map showing the routes travelled between the various locations in a clearly visible manner.
  • Spying on Internet use: You also have the opportunity to view the browsing history of the targeted telephone with a list of the web pages visited, links to view them and the date, time and duration of the visit. The most advanced applications also enable you to remotely block or enable access to certain websites or web pages.
  • The consultation of photos and videos on the telephone: Spyware for mobile telephones also enables the viewing of files on the telephone such as photographs and videos, taken by the user or downloaded from another source.
  • Monitoring instant messages: Although SMS messages are extremely popular nowadays for communication certain people prefer instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp or Messenger. If this is the case of the person you are monitoring then no problem! The monitoring software can also recover these conversations so you can view them the same as the SMS messages, and with the same details available.
  • Listening in real time: Although all the spyware applications do not offer this useful function it can be found on the better software. This function enables you to listen to the background noises around the targeted telephone at any time, even when a call is not being made. From the dashboard you simply need to activate this function to activate the microphone on the targeted telephone and listen to everything happening near to the telephone.

As you may have perceived, these spying applications not only give you access to SMS messages on the targeted telephone they also enable access to a lot of other interesting information.


How to choose an SMS spyware application?

Software that enables the remote surveillance and spying of SMS messages on a mobile telephone has become more widely available on the market due to the huge interest shown by users. It can therefore seem complicated to choose from the great range of software available that appears when you are searching for spyware.

As we briefly mentioned earlier, there are certain ill-intentioned people who try to benefit from this system and its success through scams and extortion by installing a virus into targeted telephones. It is therefore crucial that you choose carefully when buying this type of software online.  It is also important to remember that the payment for this type of service is made online using a credit or debit card either monthly or annually. You should therefore check that payment is through a secure server before entering your payment information to avoid any fraudulent use of the latter.

Finally, it is of course recommended that you opt for a quality application as all are not as effective or trustworthy. To simply and easily monitor the SMS messages of another telephone you should be sure that the installation is both simple and rapid and that the dashboard is easy to use with an intuitive navigation.

It is therefore a good idea to compare the various solutions available on the market not only relating to their price but also their quality and simplicity of use. You can thereby avoid unpleasant surprises.  

If you wish to use this application for other types of surveillance or spying then you should check all the functions and tools available to ensure that the functions you require are not payable options.

To choose the simplest way and benefit now from monitoring a targeted telephone you can simply click on the link visible on our website. You will thereby be able to access one of the best spy applications on the market that we have selected for you because of the quality service and professionalism it offers.


How can an application to spy on the SMS messages of a telephone be useful? 

Of course, if you wish to monitor the SMS messages sent by your child then you can ask the child to lend you their mobile telephone. However this would of course have certain limits and possibly cause a few problems. If you have children then you are undoubtedly aware of how attached adolescents and preadolescents are to their technological devices so therefore it is highly unlikely that they would happily agree to a parent accessing their telephone. On the other hand, this method also has another limitation as even if your child agreed to allow you access to their telephone they will of course probably erase their call history, SMS messages and other possibly compromising and sensitive data before allowing you to do so.

In the same way, an employer that wishes to spy on the SMS messages of their employees cannot access the mobile telephones of all their employees every day as this would take too much time and work and could cause a lot of friction.

As you have surely understood, the greatest advantage of such an application for spying on SMS messages as detailed here is that it enables you to do so remotely, at a distance. Once the software has been manually installed you no longer need to handle the targeted telephone as everything can be managed and controlled remotely from any kind of device that is connected to the internet.

Spying on SMS messages may be considered shocking to some people but it can be justified in the two legal situations we have cited here. For parents, this type of software enables them to verify that their children who have mobile telephones or smartphones at an increasingly younger age are not frequenting disreputable people or sending SMS messages to overpriced numbers for example. For companies, given that the employer is required to inform their employee of the presence of this software on their professional telephone, this can have a dissuasive influence on their use and may prevent them using their professional telephone for personal reasons in the same way as that of software installed on business vehicles.

Ultimately, the reason why you install this software and why you wish to monitor the SMS messages of a person may be justifiable and is your own business. In the same way you alone are responsible for the use of the spyware you purchase and the supplier cannot be held responsible for the use of said software for any reason other than those authorised by the laws applicable in your country and is therefore is not liable in any possible resulting prosecution.