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Spyware and monitoring applications for Smartphones

Since the use of smartphones has become part of the daily life of just about everyone millions of applications, of all kinds, have been developed to meet the new requirements of users. This is the case with the spy applications or spyware for Android mobile phones and iPhones that are increasingly popular at the present. This type of software to be installed on a targeted telephone actually enables the remote consultation of a great variety of information relating to phone calls, messages, geo localisation and much, much more. In this article we will explain what exactly this type of software can be used for and how to use it legally to monitor a person’s activities.

*It is legal to use spyware if you are the owner of the targeted telephone and its associated telephone line and the user has the deactivation code of the software. The employee user should be informed of its presence in writing and have given their signed consent that the company may follow their movements and access their vocal communications, sms messages and email correspondence. Prior to its download and use the company should check any judicial constraints in their country regarding this type of software. It is also legal to use this software to monitor a child under the age of consent but they should be informed of this and you must be their legal guardian. Children over the age of consent must give their written agreement to their parents concerning the use of the information gathered by this software from their mobile telephone.

It is forbidden and actually illegal to use this type of monitoring software to spy on someone without their knowledge. In the case of legal pursuit you may have to pay a fine of up to €45,000 with one year in prison under European law. Our website as well as our supplier's website cannot under any circumstances be held responsible for the illegal use of these applications and, when buying this spyware, you undertake to respect the current legislation on this matter.